Wall Mount Scrolling Light Box Advertising Display Sign

Wall Mount Scrolling Light Box Advertising Display Sign

Advantages: Structure Aluminum Profile hardness up to 12 degrees High strength, light material, corrosion resistance, good decorative, long service life Outdoor fluorocarbon paint spraying, bright colors, texture Realistic, strong adhesion, do not fall off. Professional connectors and hinges,...

Product Details

Product dimensions




Visual size


Alternative Configurations

7 poster each side scrolling or static                                                               *(1)

Mechanical construction

Powder coated extruded aluminum alloy body

Galvanized zinc reinforcement plate and stand

EPDM Synthetic Rubber water and light seal

IP rating 



6mm tempered glass, Ceramic printing visual border

light tube

T5 philips lamp 28W x 12units                                                                       *(2)

LED lighting 

High bright LED module2000 Lux                                                                  *(3)


AC110 v ~ AC 250V

Current consumption 

Tube light  336W

LED lighting 104W

Isolation Strategy

RCD switch


Fully earth bonded body and door


Controlling daily lighting on and off

Poster Holder 

“Drop-down” poster holder to enable posting within safety   height guideline 


Top hinge: stainless steel pin hinge ensure stability over the   box life


Self closing lock system with security tool opening 


Gas struts ensure safe opening and operation 

Water and Dust seal

Labyrinth profile design removes the energy from the water   before it meets the EPDM sealing strip

Graffiti Strategy

Powder coat painted surface capable of graffiti removal using   standard graffiti removal products


Material resistant to corrosion


Structure designed to discourage insect infestations

Operating temperature range

Design for temperature -40 to +80 degrees

UV degradation strategy

Use UV stable materials and finishes

Cleaning strategy 

Easy clean long-life finishes /material 


Must be connected to earthing system with an effective earth   to the main grounds

Lighting strike

Light box must be bonded to the earth system



Aluminum Profile hardness up to  12 degrees        

High strength, light material, corrosion resistance, good decorative, long service life

Outdoor fluorocarbon paint spraying, bright colors, texture

Realistic, strong adhesion, do not fall off. 

Professional connectors and hinges, stable structure, convenient opening and closing, convenient maintenance and replacement.

Light Source

Using high-power 3535 ceramic packaging chip, no gold wire flip technology, high reliability. Using aluminum substrate heat treatment to enhance the service life.      

Light color rendering index 80 +, high degree of color reproduction, the color reduction degree is high, the guarantee picture clear true  

Independent development of LED diffuse reflection system, shorten the mixing distance, light box ultra-thin    

LED chip through LM-80 and TM-21 test, life more than 100,000 hours.        

Light source efficiency 150lm / W or more, high brightness, uniformity of more than 95%        

The overall injection molding of the module, Waterproof grade reached IP65.

LED Drive

Wide voltage input, 90-280v, applicable to any country in the world.   

Power factor typical value 0.99, efficiency ≥ 96%.        

IP65 Waterproof Grade         L

ightning protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and other multiple protection.


Scrolling System

Situational mode management, one-button send program to multiple devices. Run 0 deviations. 

Brushless motor constant current drive, high precision, low noise, adjustable speed, small heat, suitable for long-term uninterrupted work.    

The domino sort starts, avoids the current overload,multiple synchronous display, the automatic rectification.        

The poster enable the rapid replacement device, to prevent the use of tape or other auxiliary equipment; single poster can be set independently 0 seconds - 24 hours. Can accommodate 2-6 Poster

The whole system components using high-quality parts, design life ≥ 50000 hours        

Automatic deceleration start and stop function. Poster running smooth improve the service life of the mechanical system-level canvas


Tempered glass

Automotive grade tempered glass




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